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My name is Amber and I look forward to meeting with you and guiding you into a lifetime of great sleep.

My professional background has always been in the realm of helping others. I was a Registered massage therapist for several years, I have a bachelors degree in International studies and am a certified yoga instructor.

Since becoming a mom, I have experienced first hand what lack of sleep can do to a family. When my son was born he was like a lot of newborns and did not sleep much. Everyone kept telling me it would get better. That sleep was just around the corner. But it never came. In fact, it only got worse. Soon he was awake every hour through the night. He would not nap except for the odd snooze while being held or in the car. I started to notice he was shaking when he would wake up from a nap in the car seat and when I mentioned it to the doctors they told me to keep an eye on it but they were not sure that it was necessary to test him for anything since he seemed healthy. I was a wreck, my marriage was suffering, and I had no idea what I was doing. We were far from our family and did not have a large support group where we were living so it was a tough time for us.

One day my husband came home from work talking about sleep training and how it had helped his friend get their baby to sleep. We looked into it and with much apprehension, dove in head first. It was time for a change. We followed a sleep plan and I was absolutely floored by the success that I had. After a few days my son was actually sleeping and it just kept getting better!

When my daughter was born we decided to instil good sleep habits right off the bat. She still needed a bit of help along the way but she has been a much better sleeper and we avoided so much stress and strain on our family because of it. And I was able to enjoy all the baby things that I felt I had missed with my son while we were in that state of sleep deprivation.

All of this has brought me to my path of becoming a paediatric sleep consultant. I wanted to give families the chance to have support and somewhere to turn when exhaustion is upon them. I love having the ability to help people get their world back on track and become the best parents that they can be, by giving them the skills to teach their children healthy sleep habits. I had the opportunity to participate in an extensive mentorship training program with Jammy Time Sleep Solutions who was one of the first sleep consultants in Alberta. I am so excited to be able to share this with families and help them find the sleep they need to be healthy, happy and of course, well rested.

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Amber Heinrichs



Red Deer, Alberta

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